Beardo Black Magic Temporary Hair Color, Natural Black 5ml

AED 25
  • Temporary hair color.
  • Covers grey hair instantly.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Best for Side Burns, parition, Mustache and Beard.


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Go Grey in Style!

This magic let’s you go grey in style as Beardo takes you Back to Black with Beardo Black Magic Temporary Hair Color for Men. We know you’re young at heart! Why not showcase your youth with the perfect solution for your greying beard, mustache and hair! This product will leave her wanting for more – of your looks and style! The perfect solution for men’s grey hair is now in vogue and for all the right reasons!

Magic That She Wants More

All good things come in small packages with Beardo! The Beardo Black Magic wand is a one of its kind temporary hair color option for men’s grey hair. The Black Magic stick is easy to use and portable! No more waiting for hours while your hair get coloured the right shade of black! We bring you the best product in town with a natural looking shade of black hair colour for your graying man-fuzz!

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  • Let ‘em Dry

    Let ‘em Dry

    Make sure that your hair is completely dry before you start applying Beardo Black Magic temporary hair color.

  • Be Gentle

    Be Gentle

    Use light and gentle strokes of the Beardo Black Magic Wand to help you get the most natural looking black hair colour!

  • Layer Up

    Layer Up

    Layer the product for a deeper shade of black. Make sure the previous layer is dry before you start applying a new one!

  • Wash it Off

    Wash it Off

    Wash the product off with Beardo Face Wash before going to sleep and wake up to a clean healthy beard!

  • Mustache Magic

    Mustache Magic

    Use the wand on your mustache to cover all grey hair. Make sure you blot the product before applying if needed.

  • Blackest Beards

    Blackest Beards

    Run the wand gently through the beard in the direction of growth of your hair and make sure you cover all sneaky greys!

  • Hairy Affair

    Hairy Affair

    Beardo Black Magic is multitalented and can be used on hair with just the same eagle-eye precision

  • Beardo Finesse

    Beardo Finesse

    Beardo Black Magic will help you temporarily colour your hair with ultimate finesse! Look and feel young with Beardo

  • What Can You NOT DO?

    What Can You NOT DO?

    Don’t apply the product on wet hair as that will ruin your look. Let your hair dry completely before you start applying the Beardo Black Magic hair colour to your mane.

  • What Can You NOT DO?

    What Can You NOT DO?

    Do not draw straight lines with the product. Beardo Black Magic wand will help you create a naturally black looking mane if you use the wand in the direction that your hair grows.

One Shade to Rule Them All

Men’s grey hair is definitely one of the biggest concerns for bearded men around the world! You don’t want random grey hair ruining your perfect look, right? Use the Beardo Black Magic Temporary Hair Color wand to make sure that you never miss out on nailing every look! A quick fix for your daily grooming regimen! Use the Beardo Black Magic Hair Color Wand with Beardo Facewash and complete your daily grooming routine!

Beardo Black Magic Temporary Hair Color is a staple men’s grooming product.

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