Beardo Lite Beard Oil

AED 30
  • Best for Light Beard / Stubble
  • Gives an extra smoother touch
  • Nourishes Your Beard
  • Gives Pleasant fragrance to Your Beard


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The Ultimate Lite Beard Oil for All Beard Shapes and Styles

Lite beard oil is specially made to give your beard all the nutrition it needs without stickiness! The Lite Beard Oil signifies that men are not only about being strong; they also have a softer side to them. The Lite Beard Oil provides softness to your beard no matter how raw and edgy the look! This is perfect for maintaining the best hair and beard style. With almond oil, it works as a medicine for damaged hair, whereas with the extracts of Aloe Vera it does the work of detoxifying the toxins present in your hair and beard. 

Benefits of using Lite Beard Oil

With the ingredients of almond oil and castor oil this oil is a great recipe and a remedy for fighting hair loss as well as strengthening the damaged hair strands. The regular use of this product can provide that extra softness to the skin and also darken your hair making it healthy for trying out one of the best beard shapes. It works as a great moisturizing agent and helps in treating the frizzy hair with great ease. The best part is the extracts of Aloe Vera helps in making the skin fight against the patchy and itchy skin; along with making it anti-inflammatory

Beardo Lite Beard Oil uses Almond oil to fight hair fall.

Inside Out: Why So Effective?

  • Castor Oil

    Castor Oil

    Soothes sunburns

    Detoxifies the skin

    Prevents stretch marks

    Softens & treats calluses

  • Almond Oil

    Almond Oil

    Active moisturizer

    Reduces inflammation

    Prevents skin infection

    Softens the skin

  • Olive Oil

    Olive Oil

    Cures cuts & scars

    Soothes cracked skin

    Treats dryness & itchiness

    Removes dead skin

  • Aloevera Extracts

    Aloevera Extracts

    Repairs dead skin cells on scalp

    Is anti-inflammatory for skin

    Conditions hair naturally

    Reduces dandruff in hair

  • Pour


    Pour a few drops on your hands from the bottle and keep it concise. Ensure that you use quantity that’s best for your beard!

  • Massage


    Run your fingers through your beard hair slowly and carefully. Cover each and every strand to thoroughly moisturize.

  • Let Your Beard Breathe

    Let Your Beard Breathe

    After giving your beard hair a nice warm massage make sure you let the oil sink in your skin properly.

  • Style it Like a Pro

    Style it Like a Pro

    You can now either style it the way you want or let it be. Now you are all set for giving it the best beard shape and style.

Exclusive Range of Beardo Men’s Products for Your Hair and Skin

When it comes to beards, men want the perfect solution that can groom and nourish their hair. Whatever the shape of your face be – get the best beard style for oval faces, round faces, and square faces with Beardo Products. Beardo knows this and provides a comprehensive solution for all your hair woes. Pair the Beardo Lite Beard Oil with the Beard Shaping Tool and get the complete look. 

Pour Beardo Lite Beard Oil gently to get best beard shape.

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