Beardo Face & Beard Wipes for Cleansing & Refreshing ( Pack of 10 )

AED 16
  • Instant cleansing
  • Refreshes skin and beard
  • Cleanses pores
  • Wipes pollution away
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Got down to some messy business? Hold your head high up and pull that wipe out of your pocket. There’s no stopping you! Just wipe your beard and face, and you are good to go for another round! Beardo Beard and Face Wipes for men are handy and work like a charm. By giving you instant freshness, these wipes help in taking all the dirt out from your chin, nose, eyes, and ears. So, the next time you are feeling the heat, take these wet wipes for your face and beard and get fresh!

Wipe The Mess Off!

Beardo Beard and Face Wipes rejuvenate your skin instantly. Apart from that, it has naturally moisturizing ingredients like castor oil, glycerin, and aloevera. These wipes fight sun tanning, signs of premature aging, lines, wrinkles, and a lot more! Facial wipes with salicylic acid that have the natural property of curing acne which might occur due to accumulated dirt. If you’re looking for the best acne wipes for men in India, your search ends here!

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Inside Out: Why So Effective?

  • Castor Oil

    Castor Oil

    Fights the signs of aging

    Works as a healing agent

    Gives you toned skin

    Fights infections

  • Citric Acid

    Citric Acid

    Prevents pigmentation

    Prevents sun tanning

    Reduces lines and wrinkles

    Clears clogged pores

  • Glycerin


    Keeps skin younger-looking

    Keeps skin hydrated

    Lets your skin breathe

    Moisturizes skin

  • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

    Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

    Reduces wrinkles

    Shields against the sun

    Prevents dryness of the skin

    Gets rid of acne

  • For Beard

    For Beard

    Take a wipe and rub it gently around your beard for cleaning all the accumulated dirt particles. Let your beard breathe free!

  • For Face

    For Face

    Wipe your face gently around the sides of nose, below the ears, eyes, and chin. Feel fresh and rejuvenated instantly!

Don’t Worry, Get Dirty!

Don’t resist yourself from getting dirty when you have best face wipes for men’s oily skin by Beardo. With moisturizers and face washes, it is equally important to clean the dirt from skin pores. If you need an instant freshness, these face wipes for guys will leave no stone unturned while clearing your skin pores off the dirt. Beardo Beard and Face Wipes form an essential part of taking care of your skin and beard. Wipe is in; dirt is out!  Go check out some more exciting ways to freshen up your skin and beard, to get that smoother and healthier skin.

Beardo’sface wipes for guys help you get rid of all the accumulated dirt.

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